Carports and Shadeports

When your car is left under the sun, they get extremely hot and especially for cars with leather seats, ouch! You know that burn when you sit down.

Having a carport or shadeport, offers excellent benefits for you by lowering the inside temperature keeping us safe from sunburn, and protecting our motor vehicles from the damaging rays of the sun.

Our Carports and Shadeports are tailored specifically to your house or your company’s specific needs. Solid roof carports are ideal for clients with limited space because they can minimize the number of columns that can impede traffic. A shadeport is a structure with a net or shade cloth material draped over it to give shade protection for a car parked underneath. They vary in terms of the material used and the method of construction and design.

Both Carports and Shadeports are functional structures that can add value to your home. They have been used over the years by many residential and commercial properties to protect our cars from harsh weather and are unique alternatives to garages.

We at 0861 carports pride ourselves in offering the best services to our clients. We provide a range of shade models that is ideal for covering parking lots, shopping malls, office buildings, airports, and multi-family residential areas.

Benefits of Carports and Shadeports

  1. It is easy to install and generally takes between 1 and 2 days to install.
  2. It gives an attractive/modern style and value to your home and property.
  3. It is a cheaper option compared to a garage.
  4. It provides shade and protection from rain and storms.

Spec & Manufacture

Our standard Shadeports are constructed from tubular mild steel framework, one coat primer, finished with two coats of QD enamel. The structure is covered with a knitted polyethylene net which is sewn together with a double needle machine for maximum strength and stretch. The net is fixed to the frame using a galvanised steel cable.


We have worked hand in hand with various architects and engineers in design applications and various projects.
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